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There are many variables which go into a Portrait Session: time, number of wardrobe changes, number of background/setting setups, number of images desired, studio versus location, etc. Contact me with any ideas you have in mind, and I'll give you a quote. You may be surprised about the length of time it will take to accomplish, and consequently, how little it will cost you.


Capture Your Best - Portraits & Retouching, Photographers - Portrait, Buffalo Grove, IL Capture Your Best Blog.

Sample Vintage Hollywood Glamour Portrait
Vintage Hollywood Glamour Portrait



- The Economical Choice -

With Portrait Packages, you don't have to worry about whether or not you're getting all the shots you want within a specified timeframe (i.e., use of hourly rate). You pay a flat rate and relax, because we will take whatever time is required to get the exact type of images you've visualized - and are paying for.

Moreover, if you don't see a Package which suits your needs, feel free to contact me and discuss what you have in mind, and we'll probably be able to put a suitable Package together - a "custom fit."


--An economical choice, ideal for posting on dating sites--

plain snapshot   Capture Your Best portrait

*** Which picture would you rather post on a dating site? ***

The picture on the left is a typical snapshot one might see on a dating site. The photo on the right is the same woman as photographed by Capture Your Best.

Basic ONLINE-SINGLES Package - $129 Enhanced ONLINE-SINGLES Package - $179 Premium ONLINE-SINGLES Package - $289
Number of Images: 1 2 5
Number of Settings: 1 2 3
Wardrobe Changes: none 1 up to 3
Professional Makeup Artist: none none yes
Prints: none none up to 8x10
Session Length: 45 min. 1 hr. 2 hrs.
Retouching: Basic Premium Extras


Glamour Portrait
Glamour Gallery Compact GLAMOUR Package - $299 Standard GLAMOUR Package - $469 Premium GLAMOUR Package - $689
Number of Images: 5 12 18
Number of Settings: 2 3 5
Wardrobe Changes: 3 up to 6 unlimited*
Professional Makeup Artist: none yes yes
Prints: up to 5x7 up to 8x10 up to 12x18
Session Length: 1.5 hrs. 2.5 hrs. 4 hrs.
Retouching: Premium Premium Extras



Model Gallery Comp Card MODEL Package - $399 Portfolio MODEL Package - $549 Premium MODEL Package - $879
Number of Images: 5 12 25
Number of Settings: 5 5 7
Wardrobe Changes: up to 5 up to 8 unlimited*
Professional Makeup Artist: none yes yes
Prints: up to 5x7 up to 8x10 up to 12x18
Session Length: 2 hrs. 3 hrs. 4 hrs.
Retouching: Premium Premium Extras
Boudoir Glamour Portrait


Boudoir Gallery Compact BOUDOIR Package - $314 Standard BOUDOIR Package - $499 Premium BOUDOIR Package - $795
Number of Images: 5 12 20
Number of Settings: 3 5 8
Wardrobe Changes: 3 up to 6 unlimited*
Professional Makeup Artist: none yes yes
Prints: up to 5x7 up to 8x10 up to 12x18
Session Length: 2 hrs. 3.5 hrs. 5 hrs.
Retouching: Premium Premium Extras

* "Unlimited" means you are entitled to as many outfit changes as possible within the number of hours listed for Package. Please keep in mind that time must be allowed for all photographic requirements of a given Package.


Sample Boudoir Portrait
Boudoir Portrait






5 to 8 images 9 to 12 images 13 to 20 images 21 to 29 images 30 or more images
Basic show: $49 $59 $69 $89 $89 + $8/image
Stylized show (see Home page for example): $69 $79 $89 $109 $109 + $12/image
Stylized show with Audio: $99 $119 $159 $189 $189 + $15/image



Sample Glamour Portrait
Glamour Portrait


How would you like to have the ability to repair all those old photos which have been neglected through the years? How would you feel about being able to remove circles or bags under your eyes in pictures before making all those prints people have been asking about? What about knowing you could reduce as much weight off yourself or anyone else in just about any image you had? If you Learn Photoshop with my personalized guidance, you'll be able to realize these, and many more things.

Call or Write me to discuss my Photoshop Training services, and working out a session schedule that's right for you.

*Please see geographic boundaries within which I offer this service.


Additional Files of Any of the Images Taken During Our Session

(for Additional Files from any other sources, such as Negatives or Prints you provide, see REPRODUCTION section below)

IMPORTANT: Please note Limited Reproduction Rights explained on TERMS & CONDITIONS page.

Before the shooting begins, we may agree on a set number of images to be included in the price of a Portrait session. There may be times, however, when you decide you want additional images you hadn't planned on, such as during the session or after the proofs. Here is the price for those files.

Additional Prints/Enlargements

Regardless of how you choose to display your final images, their quality is only as good as the weakest link in the photographic chain. If you're use to drug or department store prints, prepare yourself for an awesome visual jolt. For more personal images requiring privacy, prints are made in-house with high-end, state-of-the-art printing equipment.

Online Dating Portrait
1-4 Prints 5 or More Prints
Wallet-Size: $0.60 $0.48
4 x 6: $1.50 $1.20
5 x 7: $4.80 $3.84
8 x 10: $10.20 $8.16
8.5 x 11: $12.00 $9.60
11 x 14: $15.00 $12.00
11 x 17: $16.80 $13.44
12 x 18: $21.00 $16.80
16 x 20: $25.50 $20.40
20 x 24: $30.75 $24.60


RETOUCHING PRICING - FLAT RATES (see Retouching Samples and Prices)

This service will fall into one of two categories; either I will be 1) retouching the images of current or past customers, meaning images I photographed and you paid for, or 2) working on images created by someone other than myself, which you have brought to me in the form of files or prints. In the first category, the images will either be the result of an Hourly Rate session or a Package session. The three levels of Retouching Treatment, and their prices, apply to the categories as illustrated in the table below.

NOTE: Prices will not be combined - YOU WILL ONLY PAY ONE PRICE FOR YOUR IMAGE ($10, $20, $35 or $40)


Rest assured, I will always make sure you have a good approximation of how long your desired modifications will take me to complete before beginning work on them. For Retouching work which falls under the category of Extras, please keep in mind that such work tends to labor-intensive, and may take longer to complete.

  1. CYB Photography Customer RATE: $10/image (Premium) and $20/image (Extras)
    1. Please Note: you will most likely find that the Basic Retouching I do at no extra charge, as a matter of course with the Photography you purchase, is good enough for your purposes. These rates apply to work done beyond that complimentary amount, should you choose to request it. Please see table below for summary of Retouching charges.
  2. Standard RATE: $20/image (Basic), $35/image (Premium).and $40/image (Extras)
    1. Applies to any images you convey to me, in the form of files or prints, other than ones I have created.
Basic Retouching Premium Retouching (includes Basic) Extras
Images from HOURLY RATE session all images - no charge 3 for every hr. of photography - no charge, all others - $10/image all images - $20/image
Images from PACKAGE session all images - no charge every image you purchase as part of the pkg - no charge, all others - $10/image all images - $20/image
Images taken by someone else all images - $20/image all images - $35/image all images - $40/image
Quantity DISCOUNT Any Retouching order including 10 or more images receives a 20% Discount.

To conduct the entire Retouching process online, as described on the Retouching/Restoration page, click the button below to begin the file upload process.



Please keep in mind that I will always make sure you have a good approximation of how long your repairs will take me to complete before beginning work on them.


Have any negatives or prints you'd like to preserve using digital means? I can provide you with a digital file on CD - which you could then use for making prints or whatever purposes you like - that you can safely store in a secure place, knowing that you will always have a master to work from.


From Negs or Prints:

PROOFSTop of Page


I will email you proofs of what I consider the best photos to choose from. The amount and image choices will also be determined by what you've purchased. For instance, if you've purchased a Package containing 5 images, you will receive proofs of at least 10, but more realistically, closer to 20 images. In other words, it's not uncommon to provide my clients with 4 to 7 times as many shots to choose from (remember, we will take a lot more shots than the amount you're purchasing). This, of course, provides you with a variety of choices. Moreover, if we have used, say, 3 different settings for your 5 images, I will ensure that you will receive a representative amount of proofs from each of the settings.

The images will be "watermarked" with my logo (to be removed from the final purchased images). They will also be presented in an organized, "gallery" display using a PDF format.

ORDERING - In a NutshellTop of Page

(NOTE: Please see Terms & Conditions page for the official "ground rules")




*Applies to staged Portrait Sessions only.

In the event you don't see a service you may be interested in, please contact us, and every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

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