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Capture Your Best - Portraits & Retouching, Photographers - Portrait, Buffalo Grove, IL Capture Your Best Blog.


One of the reasons people are so often dissatisfied with how they look in photographs is that they rarely see themselves as the camera sees them. When you look in a mirror, you see a reverse image of yourself, whereas the camera sees you - comparatively speaking - as everyone else sees you. And that helps to explain why people often counter your dissatisfaction with, "Oh, you look fine in pictures," since that is the way they are used to seeing you. Unfortunately, such reassurance from others does not tend to change your perception of how you look in photos - and that's where I come in . . .

It's All about the Lighting . . . and a little help from Photoshop

My job is to make that "stranger" in the photograph - depending on what you have in mind - look more familiar, more appealing, more inviting, by accentuating what makes you a unique individual, and emphasizing your most positive features; in short, by Capturing Your Best.


Glamour is a broad, elusive term, and as such, Glamour Photography means different things to different people. But there is one timeless quality to it - for the woman who is projecting this "look," it means going above and beyond looking her best, into the realm of glistening beauty. My photographic approach to Glamour involves a touch of drama and a hint of stardom. Be prepared to see yourself in the spotlight, in every sense, through my use of carefully designed lighting to make your image exceed your expectations of just how good you can look.

Intimate portraiture, or Boudoir Photography, should be about an understated eroticism, not about blatent sex. My approach is designed to make you feel not only comfortable with the experience of your session, but naturally desireable. It's about finding that confidence which allows you to reveal your power as a seductive force, the self-esteem that lets you feel that alluring side before the camera. My focus is to light your face and figure in the most flattering way possible. I do the work and you have the fun . . .

From WeddingChannel.com:

"Boudoir photo shoots are becoming increasingly popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom. The photographs are implied nudes, which means you won’t be wearing anything (except maybe a corset or some skimpy lingerie), but won’t be showing anything either. For example: a shot of your bare back while you lie on your stomach . . . You can also work with a photographer who specializes in boudoir for a more high-end look. These photo shoots can happen in a studio, a hotel room, or even your own bedroom if the lighting works." - August 2009


"As I prepared to marry my best friend, I decided to get him a gift he truly would never forget. I was nervous and skeptical but determined to do this for my future husband. Dennis (Owner/Photographer) was extremely professional, had a woman there the whole shoot to ease any discomfort. He provided an amazing make up artist there as well..."

(

Check out Capture Your Best – Boudoir/Glamour Photography Reviews on WeddingChannel.com

"I believe that no matter what your personality, height, looks etc; as a woman you must do this at least once in your lifetime. The photo shoot was..."

(< read more)

Capture Your Best is proud to have been accepted by The Boudoir Divas for inclusion on Boudoir International, their international referral site exclusively for locating Boudoir Photographers. Operating a studio in Southern California, the nationally acclaimed Boudoir Divas established a referral site in response to inquiries from women all over the country seeking the best Boudoir photographers in their region.

*A Special Note for the Fashion Conscious*

Due to the fact that my experience in capturing Portrait images spans many years, some of the photographs posted here might reveal people looking a bit out of date. So, if you notice hairdos from a different time, please attribute it to the assumption that a fine Portrait remains timeless. And this, in fact, is my goal in creating your Portraits: that you will always be just as impressed when viewing them as the first time you see them.

Sample Model/Glamour Portrait
Glamour/Model Portrait

(Unwanted) WEIGHT

Although I can perform digital magic when it comes to slimming down someone's appearance via Photoshop, it's often not necessary. Years of diligent studying of, and experience with, the subtleties of light has enabled me to "hide" unwanted weight on a person without acutally removing pixels pounds from their image. Just the right combination of posing, pictorial composition, lenses and lighting can work wonders in slimming you down.

Sample Boudoir Glamour Portrait
Boudoir Glamour Portrait

Why Capture Your Best for Your Portrait Needs?

Consider your options for Boudoir images, for example:

I will work with you to create photographs that you will feel good about and that you will always cherish without forcing you to compromise in some way. This means:

(click to expand each category. . .)


Within certain geographical boundaries, I'll come to YOUR LOCATION, if you prefer, which includes a pre-session consultation in which I determine the best lighting, backgrounds, etc. available at your home. This also includes discussing your photo shoot in terms of what will make you look your best given the purpose of your session. And on the day of our session, I'll show up with all the portable lighting equipment I deem necessary. I am also open to considering a third location of your choice, depending on the lighting conditions, weather conditions, and so on. See "Location Sessions" on Pricing/Services page for details.


It is not enough to be fully equipped with state-of-the-art strobes, reflectors, backdrops, metering devices - in short, a complete array of professional lighting equipment. Capture Your Best is also equipped with the years of knowledge and expertise to orchestrate them in the creation of the kind of Portraits you will rarely, if ever, see of yourself. Assembly-line portraiture and chain stores, for instance, tend to give predictable results because they don't take you, as an individual, into consideration. The uniqueness and quality of your Portraits will stand out because I will light you to enhance your best features, as well as to create the particular "look" we are trying to achieve in the images.


There are few things more visually satisfying, few things which make a more personalized gift, than a video montage of your favorite images. Viewing your photos as a professionally produced short "film" - complete with a musical background score - is a special experience which can't be put into words. You must experience it for yourself. See Pricing/Services page for more information.


After discussing with you the type of "look" you're after, I will always have certain types of lighting, background, etc. in mind to use for your shots. However, you are the customer, and as such, you always have the option making your own suggestions. The bottom line is that I will photograph you in whatever style, using whatever wardrobe, background or poses you prefer. There are no rules when it comes to your final product - the images you're paying for.


Some portrait photographers will state that a "CD of your images" is included in certain packages they offer. What is not always so apparent is that the images on that CD are low resolution only, which means you cannot make prints from them, but instead are limited to sending them via email or posting them on the Web. With few exceptions, the digital images you receive from Capture Your Best are high-resolution files large enough to produce optimum quality prints.


ALL images you purchase undergo a final retouching process - including removal (depending on your preferences) of any age spots, blemishes, and signs of eye strain, as well as color, tone and texture management of every image. In addition to an array of techniques to make you look younger, such as removing puffy/loose areas of skin, wrinkles, dark circles and giving your skin the kind of uniform radiance magazine models exhibit, in most cases, I have the ability to enhance your images well beyond these points. For an extra charge, I can realistically alter your hair or eye color, place you in a variety of settings, and even trim excess weight! The "makeover" potential is extraordinary - I can do a wealth of things or nothing at all - it's all at your discretion (see Retouching/Restoration page for details and the following galleries for examples: Retouching Gallery and Restoration Gallery).


Every phase of your photographs - from the consultation to the final prints (for private images) - are conducted IN-HOUSE. Every aspect of your images will remain private, staying confined to you and your photographer, and will never be accessible to a third party (unless you allow it to be). At Capture Your Best, your privacy is given top priority.*


In the unlikely event you are not pleased with your images after receiving them in their final, "polished" form, and it is possible to re-stage the subject of my photography (i.e. a Portrait session vs. portraits at an Event), I will offer to schedule a re-shoot of equal value at no additional charge. My first priority will always be to work with you in creating the finest portraits possible.

Due to the formidable amount of work which goes into a photo session, both pre-production and post, as well as the photography itself, refunds will not be issued.

*Exceptions to this policy would only apply if a) you required super-large prints or canvas prints, which would have to be done out-of-house, and b) we asked for, and you accepted, display of your images on this website.

Sample Boudoir-Glamour Portrait
Boudoir Glamour Portrait



Ask yourself if your pictures on that online dating site show you at your best. If you answered "No," CONTACT ME

*Think you can't afford it? Think again: ONLINE SINGLES PACKAGE*

Model Portrait Portrait Portrait


Consider a unique gift for that special someone . . . Compact, Standard or Premium BOUDOIR GLAMOUR PACKAGES

Boudoir Glamour Portrait


For a "taste" of glamour, don't miss the highly popular Compact GLAMOUR PACKAGE

Glamour Portrait


Ultimately, this is up to you. However, ALL images undergo Basic Retouching as part of your purchase price. Regarding Premium Retouching, if you have used my services on an Hourly Rate basis, I will take the number of hours you paid for my services and apply my Preimium Retouching treatment to 3 times the number of images - after you have seen the finalists and determined which ones those will be. For instance, if our session takes 2 hours, I will apply Premium Retouching to 6 of the images you purchase.

A Final Thought . . .

Unlike some experiences we've all had with certain service providers, in which the roles of customer and service provider are not always clear, the services of Capture Your Best are here to accommodate You, and that means working with you to meet your individual needs in the spirit of traditional customer service. This is at the core of my commitment to excellence, and the achievement of your satisfaction.

Serving the North & Northwest Chicago suburbs and beyond . . .

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