June, 2010

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Dedicated to bringing out the glamorous side of my clients through an exquisite use of light and shadow, Capture Your Best is a portrait photography studio whose name says it all.  Elusive as the term “glamour” might be in terms of defining, I suspect there’s a glamorous side to nearly every woman, a side driven to calling attention to the essence of what makes her attractive.  My job is to distill that essence, to bring the confidence and self-assurance to the surface as it pertains to what draws our visual attention to her.

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Boudoir Photography Grows in Popularity

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Glamour/Boudoir Photography sessions are the specialty of Capture Your Best, and by far the most popular of the requests I receive. I focus on designing images which are not only tasteful, but which appeal to a man by making you look sexy, alluring and confident. We could arrange to do the session on a weekend so you look refreshed and relaxed, and I will have another woman here for your additional comfort.

Boudoir Portrait

Boudoir Portrait

More and more, women are turning to explore visual renderings of their own sensuous side.  Gone are the days when this was left to the rarefied realm of “pin-up girls,” whose exclusive interest belonged to men.  Women are taking the initiative in seeking professional-grade images which bring out their alluring appeal, a task at which Capture Your Best excels.

Surprise that Fiance

Brides-to-be are increasingly turning to a Pro to immortalize that pre-nuptuals figure they’ve been working on, while giving their imminent husband a gift no man would want to return for a 9-iron.  In addition to the quality of your character, the fun-loving nature of your company and all those other qualities that will make you a lovable wife, there’s the sensuous you.

Immortalize Your Peak

One might submit that every woman reaches the peak of their beauty at some point.  What that point truly is must be left up to the  individual in question.  But whenever it is, we find another incentive for enlisting the services of a professional to do it.  For a woman who is serious about burning a permanent record of just how beautiful/sexy/sensuous she was, it is no longer considered strange or taboo to forgo the private, but dismal, Polaroid in favor of an exquisite image rendered every step of the way with the painstaking care of a seasoned Boudoir Photographer.  There’s something about being able to look back with a quiet pride on those intangible qualities which turned men’s heads and sparked their libidos.  At Capture Your Best, those immortal images will capture and project that side of you which, at its peak, will elegantly hint at the erotic fire that burned below the surface.

Special Occasions

Besides that special and unique gift for a finance, presenting your provocative side to the person in your life who can appreciate it most can take many forms.  Your anniversary, his birthday and, of course, Valentine’s Day are just a few of the perfect occasions to underscore the sensuous you.  Don’t put it off; contact Capture Your Best for an appointment well before that special day arrives.


And then there’s the most worthy incentive of all – just to have fun.  Some inspired women have incorporated a Boudoir Photography shoot into their bachelorette party, encouraging guests to participate in their individual sessions.  Such an idea seems a perfect fit within the context of celebrating the sheer fun and joy of the provocative theme of the event.  But having fun is its own justification, so exploring your sensuous side with a Boudoir Photography session at Capture Your Best really needs no occasion.  Rev up your imagination and consider how much fun you, or you and some friends, could have by the experience of exploring your most exciting dimension.

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